10th EURO NEURO - Brussels 2018

Limited Time Only!


Abstracts submitted by email, fax, or mail will NOT be accepted or acknowledged.

Submitted abstracts will be examined by members of the Faculty, and the submitting author will be notified of acceptance or rejection by email after August 15, 2018. Accepted abstracts must be presented in the form of electronic posters at the Euro Neuro 2018.

The top 10 posters chosen by the scientific committee will be selected for oral presentation during the symposium. Poster awards will be given to the first author or presenter of the top 5 posters.

Please note that the corresponding author will automatically be listed as the presenting author and must complete full registration formalities if the abstract is accepted.


Abstract List

Here is the list of posters that will be presented at the 10th Euro Neuro Brussels 2018.

Abstract submission instructions

Abstract formatting instructions

Abstracts must be submitted in English via our website.

Abstracts submitted by email, fax, or mail will NOT be accepted or acknowledged.

All abstracts must be typed in Times New Roman (or equivalent), font size 11, single-spaced.

The total length of the abstract text must not exceed 300 words. All abbreviations must be defined at first use except for the very well-known.

Each abstract must contain the following components:

  • Title: Must be short and specific. Type in sentence format (with one capital at the beginning), in bold font.
  • Background: The first sentence(s) should state the hypothesis, purpose, or specific objective of the study.
  • Methods: Briefly describe the study design, patients or subjects, procedures, and measurements.
  • Results: A summary of the results should be provided with relevant data (including correct units).
  • Conclusions: The abstract should close with a brief statement of conclusion(s).

Other Instructions:

  • Reference(s): If included, cite number in text using square brackets [1]. In reference list, note first author only followed by ‘et al’ where necessary, then journal name, volume, page range and year of publication (e.g., Taccone FS et al. EuroNews 35:1-5, 2015)
  • Case reports: Must be submitted using the same 5 components (Title, Background, Methods, Results, Conclusions)
  • Encore abstracts: Abstracts previously presented at another conference can be submitted
  • Consent to publish: If the abstract contains details relating to individual participants (for example a case report), written informed consent for the publication must be obtained from the participant(s) and a statement to this effect should appear at the end of the abstract.

Click here to see an example in PDF of an abstract submitted to Euro Neuro 2018.